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Welcome to our online hub of our South African Labour Law ‘Walking the Tightrope’ Video Series – your essential guide to walking the tightrope of labour law practices in South Africa.


This unique video series is designed for business owners, workplace managers, HR professionals, and anyone looking to deepen their understanding of South African labour laws in a user-friendly engaging and accessible way.

Our series offers a collection of 48 meticulously crafted videos, each presented in a clear, animated, scenario action format that brings to life the journey of a typical South African business struggling to balance on the shaky tightrope of labour law compliance and workplace effectiveness.

Our videos are not merely academic; they are designed to immerse you in the practical realities faced by businesses every day, highlighting the critical do’s and don’ts of South African labour law.

Our videos serve as a user-friendly, practical guide, helping you to not only understand but also implement labour law practices correctly and confidently in your business, no matter what size.

Avoid common pitfalls and learn how to secure your business by ensuring your labour operations are legal and efficient.

Dive into our animated case studies, learn at your own pace, and transform the way you approach labour law in South Africa. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your expertise or safeguard your business against legal challenges, our Tightrope Labour Law Video Series is your go-to resource for comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and actionable insights.

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The material for the video was created by Ivan Israelstam, a leading expert in South African labour law, employee relations and workplace best practice. Israelstam, a former CCMA Commissioner has been recognised for his exceptional contribution in this field by being featured in the book Who’s Who in Southern Africa.

The animated narrative and live case study format counteracts what is normally seen by line managers and practitioners as burdensome and dry labour law material. Our approach to labour law makes the learning experience stimulating and enjoyable for the viewer.

The case study running through the entire life of the company portrayed from the beginning to the end of the video is highly informative but also tells a great story, keeping the viewers captivated, and teaches them how not to manage the workplace.

The lightness and simplicity of the video’s format makes the learning enjoyable and therefore accessible to most South Africans, and the relevant labour law and best practice advice given in each chapter, is delivered in a user-friendly manner.

The 48 videos focus on enabling employers to walk the narrow and sometimes precarious tightrope of business profitability vs compliance with challenging labour legislation, making it an indispensable tool for managers who are struggling to achieve this precarious balance.

The wide variety of important labour law topics covered in the video make it a multi-faceted tool for all business owners, managers and HR practitioners.

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